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In TCM White Peony Root: Bai Shao Red Peony Root: Chi Shao It is a Blood tonic herb.

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Tree peony - 257 results from brands National Tree, Silk Plants, Trademark, products like National Tree Ras-tmw14-1 White Peony Bundle-, National Tree Rose and Peony Silk Flower Peach - RAS-7555RPE-1, National Tree Peony Silk Flower Arrangement - RAS-TMLP783-1.Zhongchuan Peony Nursery also specializes in Herbaceous Peony, Japanese Peony and Chinese Tree Peony in white, yellow, red, black color.Planteck is dedicated to the tissue culture propagation of plants and was the first and is still the only lab in the world offering large quantities of peonies from tissue culture to the horticultural market.White Flower Farm is a family-owned mail-order nursery located in northwestern Connecticut.

The Japanese name of this variety translates to Fire Flame—and no wonder.Gain a balanced and thorough understanding of the healing properties of Tree Peony.This does not refer to the color of the flowers, which are pink, red, purple, or white, but to the color of the processed root.

Some peonies when stressed may revert to their parental lineage, a white single.Pink - ranges from very light to deep pink Coral - a slightly orange salmon, color is slightly more pink than herbaceous color and does not fade Red - more magenta than red, bright and vibrant.

This year the strong winds of early May, destroyed the flowers of the dark red peony and the white one was unlucky too during its flowering period.Below is an overview of Tree Peony, combining and interpreting the best of Western Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Shamanism, Folklore and more.When mature they are nothing short of breathtaking in coloration and size.The peony is significant both historically and mythologically, and thus is tied to many different meanings and symbols.

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In colder zones, they will not grow as tall — 3 or 4 feet is typical.However, there are other species of tree peony. P. rockii, for instance, is a species commonly used as an herbal remedy in traditional Chinese medicine.This anemone form of peony holds its single-petaled blooms aloft on strong stems, while the white filaments of the stamens appear as narrow petals, providing additional texture for bouquets.

The Chinese tree peony is the national flower of China and was once grown exclusively by the emperor.The petal color combination gives it an orange appearance that is very stunning.Tree peonies purportedly originate from wild flowers grown in mountains and they were first treated as firewood by the ancestors.

Find great deals on eBay for tree peony plant and peony plant root.Daphnis wrote that when the light hits the petals, the effect is reminiscent of stained glass.The peony or paeony is a flowering plant in the genus Paeonia, the only genus in the family Paeoniaceae.It includes most of the hybridized plants that have been created recently, and are usually pink, purple, red or white in color.Our mission is to provide the highest quality peony and tree peony cut flowers commercially available to wholesalers, large florists, and major event companies.Semi-double to double blooms held on strong stems with good dark green foliage.Tree peony bush with white flowers - download this royalty free Stock Photo in seconds.