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Nail Designs for Kids: By far the coolest fashion for nail designs are cute easy nail art for kids at present compared to nail paint for teenagers.Flower stickers would look good on this, as would stripes or dots or. well, lots of things.Intricate manis are pretty much the hottest accessory right now as celebs from Anne Hathaway to Rita Ora have stepped out on the red carpet baring enviably designed nails.

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Whether you are going to a birthday party or just love cupcakes, you can easily add a cupcake to one or all of your nails.

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Learn how to do nail extensions -or-improve your nail techniques FAST.

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With the Nail Trainer hand as the centerpiece of your training program, you embark upon the fastest route to becoming a highly-skilled nail technician.

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If you want to remove your gel nails, the first thing you should do is to file off the top coat of the gel.Before that I always went to a nail art designer until she got pregnant and had to pause.

Nail Supplies Needed for Removing Gel Manicure: Nail file, cotton balls, acetone, foil, cuticle oil.

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When wind strikes its petals, the way the petals fly away is just magical.

Relive that moment through your nails with this very simple nail art tutorial.With the right shade of nail polish, a little nail art, and a few hand accessories, acrylic nails accentuate not just your hands but also your overall appearance.

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Add a second colour in the same way into true middle of fat colour.These nail art pens, when you get them on your skin on your cuticles, try to get that off right away.Get the most out of your Glad products with more than 100 creative ways to use them.There are so many different nail designs, that you can even imagine.

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Use the nail polish brush, a toothpick or a nail art dotting tool and black nail polish to make one or two blobs on top of the olive green base coat on all of your nails.Never fear, we found this easy nail art tutorial that looks awesome but is not hard, and is pretty much a simple no fail method for getting a perfectly glamorous galaxy nail manicure.Do you love nail art and want to try a new and impactful design.

After nails have been prepped (cut, filed, shaped, buffed), wipe nails with alcohol to clean the nail bed and again with acetone to dehydrate the nail.Learn about the safe use of nails tools, specifically the file, buffers, sensitization, primers, acetone, accelerators, nail clippers, nail sanitizer, cotton pads and cuticle massage oil.

Learn how to do a tattoo nail design from Megan Toth in this Howcast nail art tutorial.It might sound a little weird but it is better to use a home made dotting tool then spending money on buying nail art tools for simple nail arts.It is a type of artwork that can be done on fingernails and toenails, usually after manicures or pedicures.These watermelon nails may look intricate but anyone can recreate this look by The Nailasaurus.